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Radcliffe & District Pool League Presentation Evening

It's our 40th Year and it's going to be a good one.. We have asked the Civic Suite for some special deals on drinks prices, so we hope that they can come up with something. For your £5 ticket you will get some top entertainment with Streetdance and a Cabaret group, and we will try to fit in a Presentation as well. There's also 5 x £100 raffle prizes up for grabs, so come on down and support us in our 40th year.

Contact any Committee Member for tickets

Friday 8th May 2015

RDPL 40th Presentation

plus special Guest Star*

  • Special Beer Prices
  • Streetdance
  • 1st class band
  • Top trophies + cash prizes
  • 5 x £100 raffle

Welcome to the home of the Radcliffe & District Pool League

Season 2014/2015

RIP Tommy Roberts

One of our long standing players has sadly passed away. Former Beehive, Derby Hotel and Cross Keys player Tommy Roberts. Tommy was normally the first on the card for his team, and a well respected member of the league. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time, RIP Tommy.

Thank You

Thank you everyone for another successful season in the RDPL. With over 720 registered players we continue to stay a very strong league. Another great Finals Week was enjoyed by all, flanked either side by the St Mary's Masters and the Charlie Crompton Memorial Tri-Team, we ended the season in style. Thanks again, and see you at the Presentation Evening.

Finals Week

26/03/2015 Thursday saw 3 major finals played out, with a large turnout of support for all players. First up was the Ladies Individual Final, with Elaine Neild facing Louise Fenton for the chance to take the crown. Elaine was aiming to make it her 3rd title and Louise her 1st as they got down to some great play. Elaine went 1-0 up, then 2-0 and shortly after 3-0 as Louise just couldn't get into the match enough to pull a frame back. It was a much closer battle than the 3-0 scoreline may seem. Congratulations to Elaine, commiserations to Louise.

In the Main Individual Final Mike Giles was going for his 1st win and Mark Arnold his 2nd (albeit the last in 1989). Mike started well and missed the black, leaving Mark to clear the reds but fail get position on the black. He need not have worried as he rattled the black but it flew in the opposite bag to fluke a 1-0 start. Back came Mike in frames 2 and 3 to go 2-1 up before Mark cleared the table in the 4th to make it 2-2. In the final frame Mark was left a chance but couldn't take it as he went in-off, which left Mike with 2 shots and the table at his mercy. There was no respite as he went about his finish with clinical cuemanship to take the title in our 40th year. Well done Mike.

The last of the 3 finals was a top class match up in the Team Knockout Final as the New Swan 'B' took on The Major. Every player on both these teams is a top drawer cueman, and it showed as they traded frames until Dave Gavaghan put the Major in front at 3-2. Next up Paul Howcroft had to save the match for the New Swan as he faced the Major's Rick Lucas. After the frame swung back and forth several times it was Rick who triumphed to a roar of relief from the Major players. It was a great final and worthy of the RDPL's 40 year history.

25/03/2015 Wednesday was the turn of the Mixed Doubles, with Si Fitzsimmons and Kelly Duffy facing up against Del Redmond and Dannii McClelland. Fames exchanged to a finely poised 2-2 before Si and Kelly broke through to win the decider 3-2. Congratulations to Kelly and Si, and commiserations to Danni and Del, all of them top players, making the final an exceptional show of top class pool.

In the Premier DTKO a match-up between the New Swan 'B' and St Mary's 'A' saw frames exchanged through to 2-2 before 2 players changed the course of the whole match in 3 frames. First up Paul Howcroft won his singles against Les Lee, and he stayed at the table to partner Si Fitz against Gram Heywood and Mark Arnold. They proved to much for the St Mary's pair as they made it 4-2 before Si made the most of an open break and a scratched white ball from Pete Ratcliffe to clear the table in his inimitable style to win the match 5-2 to the New Swan 'B'.

24/03/2015 Tuesday was the turn of the 2nd and 1st Divisional Team Knockouts, the Overall Player of the Year and the Doubles Final.

In the OPOTY, Mick Courtney of the 3rd Division lost to the Prem's Steve Beaumont, and so Steve progressed through to meet Danny Evans of the 1st. Danny edged that to get through to the final. In the other semi, Scott Tilley of the 3rd Division met the 4th Divisions Alan Dale. Again, divisional barriers were blown away as Alan progressed through to the final. Alan just couldn't get a foothold as Danny went 1, then 2 then 3 nil, and crowned the Overall Player of the Year.

As I write, the 1st Division DTKO is poised at 2-2, with the Sundial 4-1 up against the New Swan 'D'.

Continued.. had to leave early last night but the Cross Keys powered on to a 5-2 win.. With the Sundial winning the next frame to make it 5-1.

In the Doubles Knockout, 4 fine players, Steve Gough and Dave Berry against Sam Reynolds and Mike Giles got down to a fine display of pool. As you might expect from these top calibre cueists, frames were traded equally to the decider. It was a case of missed opportunities in the end as Mike and Sam finished it to leave Steve and Dave thinking that they had the best chance to finish first. Congratulations to Mike and Sam.

23/03/2015 Finals week kicked off with the 4th Division Team Knockout, the 3rd Division Team Knockout and the 8-Ball Knockout.

The 4th DTKO will look a one sided affair when you read the scoreline of 5-1 to the Bridge Tavern, but the Top Bull 'B' fought them for every game of the match, but succumbed to some fine play by the Bridge.

The 3rd DTKO could again be construed as one sided as the Morning Star 'A', a team with some gifted players, had to battle for every point, with the scoreline finishing 5-4 to the Star. A great bit of sportsmanship from both sides as the Flying Shuttle and the Star agreed to play the match out after the Shuttle went 5-1 down to a super display by an "on form" Star side. Charlie would have been proud of you.

In the 8-Ball Knockout, league status was thrown to the side as the 4th Division's Paul Settle took on Dean Donohue from the 1st and showed he was more than a match for him on the night, as he progressed through to meet Gaz McNamara from the 2nd. A great match saw Paul Settle again triumphant, in a no mistakes encounter from both players. On the other side of the draw, the Prem's Steve Beaumont, already the Gold Medal winner, come up against the top player who is Mark Kobryn. After a class bout of cuemanship, and the score at 1-1, Mark lost the tip off his cue and played with a borrowed stick, which may have had an affect on his own performance, but take nothing away from Bowie, the class showed through as he made his way to the final by taking that deciding frame.
The final was nothing from straightforward as Bowie soon found out that 4th Division vs Premier Division was not going to be won on paper, it was going to have to be earned. Frames were traded equally in this best of 5 final, and as the scores went to 2-2 nerves were holding steady as the balls went down one by one. A steady Steve Beaumont narrowly edged it in the end, from a brave and skillful performance from Paul Settle who just couldn't get over the finish line. Well done to all players in a quality mini tournament, and congratulations to Steve Beaumont, the 8-Ball Champion.

Information & Registration Forms

Individual Doubles KO Registration Form

Ladies Mixed Knockout Registration Form

Additional Player Registration Forms

Rule/Format Changes

There have been several changes made at the AGM this year

  • The break rule, and how colours/denomination groups are decided has changed. We are taking away the nomination aspect of it. (see below)
  • Pence Per Point has been removed in favour of Prize Money (similar to BL)

The New Break Rule

(no nomination)

  1. Beginning the game (The Break). The opening player must play at the triangle of object balls using the cue ball from any position behind (not on) the baulk line. The opening player must pocket a ball or drive at least two balls to hit a cushion. Failing to do so can result in the opponent accepting the balls as they lie, or demanding the balls to be re-racked and the break shot retaken.

  2. The Break

    * the term “open” means no colour or denomination group have been decided

    • If no balls are potted, the opening players turn at the table ends and the opponent plays from where the cue ball lies, the table is “open”.
    • Potting balls legally from the break (except the black), means the player continues and the table is “open
    • If a foul is committed, the incoming player has “two shots” with the 1st shot being a “free table” with ball in hand, if required (see rule 8 in rule book), and does not count in assigning colour group. Once the 1st shot has been played the table is “open”.
      • Failure to pot with the 2nd shot means the table is “open” to the incoming player.
      • If a foul is committed on the 1st or 2nd shot, the incoming player should revert to the earlier point “If a foul is committed” above
    • Deciding colour group when the table is “open”. The players colour group is decided when the player pots a ball or balls from only one colour group on a normal legal shot. Potting a combination of colours legally while the table is “open” means the player continues and the table remains “open”.
    • If the black ball is potted from the break the balls will be re-racked and the game re-started with the offending player paying for the game

Printer Friendly Versions

There are printer friendly versions of both the Team Fixture lists and the League Tables so you can print them out for your notice board. Just click on the hyperlink on the page and it will open in a new window, then select File / Print from your Browsers menu.

Featured Venues of the Decade

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