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F.I.P.A. World Cup

by mark published on 16/04/2016 17:05:00

F.I.P.A. World Cup
The 2016 Charity World Cup of Pool will take place at Riley's Prestwich on Sunday 12th June. To reserve a place for your team of 4 please contact FIPA President, Miguel Blatter, on 07853091290 asap. Entry fee is £50 per team, and a deposit of £20 is due to secure your place. Set in the midst of the European Championships, the day after England's opener against Russia, the atmosphere is guaranteed to be electric - as defending champions Mexico bid to become the first ever nation to complete the hat-trick and retain the fabled Pools Rimet Trophy....FIPA 2016, dare to dream...


This is the home of the new RDPL website

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As you can see it's not finished, but you can find the old RDPL site here.. Old RDPL site

Season 2015/16 Prize Winners

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Radcliffe & District Pool League – Final Tables and Prize Winners

Premier Division

Winner: Major, Runner Up: Swinton Leisure, 3rd Place: New Swan B

Medal Winners - Gold: (17) D.Redmond (Major), A.McAlpine (Savanna A), JJ.Faul (Savanna A). Silver: (16) D.Evans (Swan (Tott.)), P.Beeston (Swinton), S.Wall (Swinton). Bronze: (15) R.Joyce (Swan (Tott.)), S.Fitzsimmons (New Swan B)

Divisional Team Knockout: Winner – Swinton Leisure, Runner Up - Major

Division 1

Winner: Victoria 'B', Runner Up: Tott Con Club, 3rd Place: New Inn 'B'

Medal Winners - Gold: (16) D.Donohue (Victoria 'B'), Silver: (15) J.Gaskell (Victoria 'B'), N.Riley (New Inn 'B'), R.Taylor (Royal Oak B), J.Morrison (Roach B), Bronze: (14) T.Morris (Tott Con Club), L.Driskill (Victoria 'B'), L.Reynolds (Tott Con Club), B.Toomey (Cross Keys B)

Divisional Team Knockout: Winner – Victoria Hotel B, Runner Up – New Inn B

Division 2

Winner: Savanna B, Runner Up: New Swan 'C', 3rd Place: Unicorn 'A'

Medal Winners - Gold: (20) J.Noone (Savanna B), Silver: (18) P.Clarkson (Unicorn 'A'), B.Marsden (Victoria 'A'), Bronze: (16) Ant.Carter (New Swan 'C'), A.Owen (Savanna B), C.Griggs (Spotted Cow B)

Divisional Team Knockout: Winner – New Swan C, Runner Up – Spotted Cow B

Division 3

Winners: Fairfield HSC, Runners Up: Roach A, 3rd Place: Savanna C

Medal Winners - Gold: (19) M.D.Smethurst (Fairfield HSC), Silver: (15) H.Ireland (Roach A), R.Dixon (Peel Hotel), Bronze: (14) A.Nuttall (Old Tower), A.Bowker (Savanna C), C.Stevenson (Savanna C), M.Kobryn (New Swan 'A'), S.Murday (Unicorn B)

Divisional Team Knockout: Winner – Savanna C, Runner Up – Game Cock

Division 4

Winners: Old Fashioned, Runners Up: St Marys B, 3rd Place:  White Boar B

Medal Winners: Gold: (19) A.Dale (St Marys B), Silver: (18) S.Kay (White Boar B), D.Nield (White Boar B), S.Benson (Old Fashioned), J.Davies (St Marys B), Bronze: (17) N.Walch (Old Fashioned)

Divisional Team Knockout: Winner – Old Fashioned, Runner Up – Railway Hotel

Overall Player of the Year - Winner: JJ Faul, Runner Up: J.Noone

Divisional 8-Ball Winners - Premier: S.Wall, 1st Division: M.Giles, 2nd Division: B.Marsden, 3rd Division: D.Chadha, 4th Division: D.Twist

8-Ball Knockout - Winner: S.Wall, Runner Up: D.Chadha

Team Knockout - Winner: Major, Runner Up: Rileys B, Semi Finalists: White Boar A, Waggonmakers A

Mixed Doubles Knockout - Winners: K.Duffy & S.Fitzsimmons, Runners Up: D.McClelland & D.Redmond, Semi Finalists: L & W.Fenton, J.Bradford & G.Southwood

Ladies Individual Knockout - Winner: M.Blinkhorn, Runner Up: K.Twist, Semi Finalists: K.Duffy, S.Plaskett

Doubles Knockout - Winners: D.Berry & S.Gough, Runners Up: D.Evans & B.McEneaney, Semi Finalists: D.Donohue & A.Kennedy, C.Berry & R.Joyce, Qtr Finalists: M.Giles & L.Driskill, M.Brown & A.Stickland, P.Cook & C.Dawson, A.Ryan & K.O’Brien

Individual Knockout - Winner: D.Redmond, Runner Up: S.Fitzsimmons, Semi Finalists: A.Stickland, N.Hughes, Qtr Finalists: G.Fearnley, J.Byrne, P.Howcroft, D.Nield

Fantasy Pool League

The 3 M's Fantasy Pool League

Alias Points
Jav! 1089
1st division long shot 1023
Heywood Rules 1021
BryWoolly 999
Zibbow 995
m and j 981
CFITZ1885 969
clunge muncher 965
Dazzler 942
Joycey 941
Doesn't want it 937
stu1604 929
Maestro 926
Montecristo 904
MikeStarkeys 887
Up The Riley's 881
Delboy 877
wheres your white ball gone 843
Swinton Satsuma 806
Madforit 799
dave 778
GuyR 774
Not the defending Champion 753
boyblunder 735
Gaz9481 715
ShellPuddin 712
Oliver Twitch 689
Best 10 678
PC woo woo 669
The Underdog 597