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Team registration 10.30am to start at 11am.
4 Groups of 4 - Top 2 in Main Knockout, bottom in Plate Knockout. Group Games played over 5 frames ( 1. Scotch Triples, Singles, Singles, Singles, Best of 3 Blackball shootout to decide 5th Frame)
Quarter Finals format same as Group Stages
Semis & Finals Best of 7 ( Scotch Triples, Singles, Scotch Triples, Singles, Scotch Triples, Singles, Best of 3 BB Shootout if tied at 3-3 )
Main KO winners - £300
Main KO Runners Up - £120
Plate KO Winners - £60

Also Group Stages MVP ( Most Valuable Player ) will be awarded £50 based on performance points accrued by frame/team wins.

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Photo Album

There's a new Photo Album been added with some pics of the 2007 presentation.

Sample Photo from Album Number 1

Welcome to the home of the Radcliffe & District Pool League

Season 2014/2015

Coming up..

AGM - 20th August 2014

St Mary's Club Pine Street, Radcliffe.

7.30pm Start.

2014/2015 pool calendar

Radcliffe Pool League Season 2013/14

Honours List 2013/14

Premier Division
1st: New Swan 'B', 2nd: Rileys 'A', 3rd: Major
Gold: (19) S.Fitzsimmons (New Swan 'B')
Silver: (18) G.Isherwood (Hamers)
Bronze: (17) B.McEneaney Railway 'B', L.R.Lee (St Mary's 'A'), S.Gough (New Swan 'B')

Division 1
1st: Waggonmakers 'A', 2nd: Rileys 'C', 3rd: St Mary's 'B'
Gold: (18) C.Dawson (St. Mary's B)
Silver: (17) P.Kent (Waggon 'A'), L.Clegg (Waggon 'A'), S.Troop (Rileys C), S.McCormick (Rileys C)
Bronze: (16) L.Derbyshire (Globe), S.Gough (Rileys D), G.Haynes (Rileys D)

Division 2
1st: Royal Oak 'B', 2nd: Old Crow, 3rd: Cross Keys 'B'
Gold: (17) G.Southwood (Top Bull 'A')
Silver: (16) C.Fletcher (New Swan 'D'), K.Bolam (Royal Oak B), M.Evans (Top Bull 'A')
Bronze: (15) M.Routledge (Waggon 'B'), J.Stewart (Royal Oak B), D.Veevers (Old Cross), R.Taylor (Royal Oak B)

Division 3
1st: Three Terriers 'B', 2nd: Village Hotel, 3rd: Victoria 'A'
Gold: (20) M.Kobryn (New Swan 'A')
Silver: (19) B.Tinker (3 Terriers B)
Bronze: (17) M.Lomas (3 Terriers B), S.Crompton (Central), Mark.Davenport (Village Hotel), S.Reynolds (Victoria 'A')

Division 4
1st: Church Inn, 2nd: Game Cock, 3rd: Roach Hotel 'A'
Gold: (19) D.Twist (Top Bull B)
Silver: (17) M.Hearn (Church Inn), G.Hulmes (Overdraught), P.Anderson (Game Cock), H.Ireland (Roach A)
Bronze: (16) J.Warren (Church Inn), G.Williams (Roach A), C.Gorman (Game Cock)

Overall Player of the Year: Simon Fitzsimmons

Divisional Team KO Winners
Premier: New Swan 'B', Runners Up: Major
1st Division: Waggonmakers 'A', Runners Up: St Mary's 'B'
2nd: Cross Keys 'B', Runners Up: Old Crow
3rd: Victoria Hotel 'A', Runners Up: Three Terriers 'B'
4th: Church Inn, Runners Up: Top Bull 'B'

Divisional 8-Ball Winners
Premier: Del Redmond (Major), 1st: James Haynes (Rileys 'D'), 2nd: Brian Toomey (Cross Keys 'B'), 3rd: Sam Reynolds (Victoria 'A'), 4th: Paul Anderson (Game Cock)

Overall 8-Ball Champion: Del Redmond (Major)

8-Ball Divisional Winners
Premier: Del Redmond (Major)
1st Division: James Haynes (Rileys D)
2nd Division: Brian Toomey (Cross Keys B)
3rd Division: Same Reynolds (Victoria A)
4th Division: Paul Anderson (Game Cock)

8-Ball KO Winner: Del Redmond (Major)

Team Knockout
Winner: St. Mary's A
Runners Up: Major
Semi-Finalists: Cross Keys A, Hamers Arms

Mixed Doubles Knockout
Winners: Michelle Blinkhorn & Mark Kobryn
Runners Up: Dannii McClelland & Simon Fitzsimmons
Semi-Finalists: Kelly Duffy & Paul Howcroft, Louise & Billy Fenton

Ladies Individual Knockout
Winner: Michelle Blinkhorn
Runners Up: Joanne Lias
Semi-Finalists: Kelly Duffy, Denni Owen

Doubles Knockout
Winners: Stuart Allen & Dean Donohue
Runners Up: Ryan Joyce & Andy Rhodes
Semi-Finalists: Del Redmond & Jon Jowett, Dom Nabb & Chris Berry
Qtr-Finalists: Les Lee & John Turner, Mike Davenport & Gaz McNamara, Barry Dawson & Paul Ryan, Paul Howcroft & Simon Fitzsimmons

Main Individual Knockout
Winner: Craig Nance
Runners Up: Alec McAlpine
Semi-Finalists: Dan Birkitt, Dave Berry
Qtr-Finalists: Graham Heywood, Alun Carter, Mark Eckersley, David Nield

RDPL Documents

Season 2013-2014 Calendar

Individual and Doubles Knockout Forms

Ladies and Mixed Doubles KO forms

Additional Player Registration Forms

 Registration Form 2013/2014

Printer Friendly Versions

There are printer friendly versions of both the Team Fixture lists and the League Tables so you can print them out for your notice board. Just click on the hyperlink on the page and it will open in a new window, then select File / Print from your Browsers menu.

Featured Venues of the Decade

(until some new ones are done)

Picture of the New Bay Picture of Venue
New Bay, Radcliffe The Swan Hotel, Radcliffe